Client’s Cauldron – Reading the Client’s Mind

Client’s Cauldron – Reading the Client’s Mind

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Combine several confusing directions

–       A little bit Brighter delivery

–       Add more smile

–       Non-Announcery

–       Non-Actory

–       Girl/Guy Next Door

–       A little more Real

–       More energy

–       Less energy

–       Like it’s your own

With a mixture of cooks in one kitchen, it’s hard to know exactly what to do when the clients giving you direction.  Let’s face it, EVERYTHING has a voice, therefore every kind of client is allowed to direct what you do.  They don’t know the first thing about what you do as an actor, but they make really good Yogurt.  They are going to decide who is the best fit for the job and exactly how they want it said.

One thing you’ll find out soon in your craft (If you haven’t already) is that we are just a puppet on the string doing what the puppet master wants, but it doesn’t mean that our puppet master always knows what their doing.  That’s the tricky part.  We already aim to please.  We want to give the client exactly what they want, but we are hard on ourselves if we can’t get it right the first time.  We take it personal when they tell us what they want, and we can’t seem to make it happen.


It doesn’t mean you’re no good if you can’t understand exactly what a client wants, and you have to trust that it’s a really hard job to please 5 or 6 clients who all have a different vision.  It’s one thing if you get a job where there is only one client – that’s usually a lot easier, but most companies have a group of inexperienced directors to offer you.  It’s not to knock the client, because I love the client, but when they have the FINAL say, we just have to hope they know what their doing, or humor them enough to think that they do.  It’s not easy.


Clients will always give you the most confusing direction at times.  They will say they want it soft, yet firm, to have a sense of yearning, but not be pushy or how about the latest one I saw the other day, announcery but non-actory.  That’s my new favorite.  It’s all in how you interpret it and continuing to try to make sense of it all.  Don’t judge, just start trying to figure out what they mean so you can help them make you shine.  After all, if they shine, you shine.  But be careful here, you never want to over step.  You might know MUCH more than they do, but that doesn’t mean you have to prove it. REMEMBER WHO IS PAYING WHO!


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