The Conversational Read

The Conversational Read

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Follow this recipe for a successful conversational read!
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  • One part you
  • Mixed with:
  • One part the clients mind
  • One script (hopefully written conversationally)
  • One studio
  • A ton of confusion
  • One realistic read

DebThe problem with getting this recipe just right is making sure you’ve been given the right ingredients. Not only do you need proper Voice/Acting training to perfect this recipe, but you have to read the clients mind through a ton of confusing direction. The client may ask for conversational but when you hear the final spot, it’s far from conversational.

Pretending the client knows exactly what it means to sound conversational, there should be no fakeness or polish in the delivery. The character sounds like it’s really happening to them in the moment. There should be a sense of unpredictability in the delivery; intimacy, with natural human qualities and nuances.
[/column1] [column2] When a talent truly nails this read, they can’t listen to what they are doing while they are doing it. The term ‘get out of your head’ applies here. The talent doesn’t even realize what they’re doing because instead of thinking about getting it right, they are just lost in the script. This is easy enough to talk about, but takes time and training to actually implement and understand it.

Film acting really helped me see how fake I looked. The term, “less is more” is so apparent in film. It’s one thing to sound conversational when you’re adlibbing, but try to sound conversational with poorly written grammar. Run on sentences. Professionally written jargon etc. There is an art to this one and good acting coaches will help you understand it.

It’s taken me a ton to get there, but in order for me to teach it, I have to live it. I’ve learned how to take my broadcasting/theatrical overly dramatic, fast talking personality into a conversational naturalist. The challenge for me is reading between the clients lines – but I’ll save that for another article in the future
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VO Chef Deb
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