Documentary Delight

Documentary Delight

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Combine in a studio

-One television, film or web production

-Add your favorite genre; sci-fi, biography, animal, planet etc.

-One VERY high quality studio

-A stylized voice that understands the genre and knows how to tell as story

-A great director (which in many cases can be the client/writer)


Not always an easy recipe to master, but one many of us enjoy very much.  Although this industry is very authoritarian in nature – as the narrator is the expert and the overall feel/personality to the program, there is tons of room for many different voice actors.  Whether it’s a one off, or a series narrator, you really need to be able to bring out the style of the program, or as I like to call it, the personality.

Your character has be to be consistent from beginning to end, while still taking you on a journey and offering you variety throughout the story.

Learning the different genres is the first part, as some of these characters are very surreal and over the top, or very flat and dry, mystic, real….there are just a number of things that can be requested for the read, so you really need to know your stuff and how to bring a character to life that you have never heard.  Different techniques will be required and you’ll have to know how to use the mic to create the sound and feel the client needs.


It’s important you study the different voices and styles of the TV Series/features, Film and Web Media content so you understand what is required of you to succeed this industry.  You also need to be aggressive in your marketing to find the work.  You will find this work through good agency contacts, mentors, on the pay 2 plays, and by getting out there and finding the companies that produce this kind of work and making connections, being ready and well trained and driven enough to follow through and take lots of no’s along the way!


Until next time everyone

All my best

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