Out of the Egg Surprise – Your first in-studio job

Out of the Egg Surprise – Your first in-studio job

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– One highly skilled voice actor experienced in home recording

– One local agent

– One Professional Studio


Mix in several clients who don’t know what they want

Add a professional director

Combine until you’re nice and nervous


This recipe is more common when the Voice talent has worked in their local market and then expands into the online world, but today I want to talk about the reverse.  A talent who has hid behind the microphone so to speak, by working at home and then looks for growth in the union or local market.  The term “Face for Radio” is very common in the world of voice acting and there are many talent who are not comfortable working with people face to face for many reasons.  Let’s face it, alot of people get into this industry because they don’t have to be seen….or do they?  I look at the online world as the Medium Market.  It’s not to say that there aren’t a ton of large scale projects out there, but for the most part, if you want the big Nationals and large scale projects, you need to work in the local large markets such as LA, NY, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver etc.  If you’re like me and most of your career was based on line, you may be very intimidated to take it outside of your home studio.  Perhaps you’re so used to self directing that you are concerned about being directed and not getting it right.

Many of us are perfectionists with the need to impress, so an unhappy client is devastating to us, so it’s much easier to stay at home and hide behind the mic.  This is a world of risk taking and uncomfortability and if you want growth, you may be faced with the challenge of moving to a larger market, or beginning to explore the larger markets and potentially going union.  I have been very fortunate to be a veteran of the online world and business, marketing and self directing are some of my specialties.  I’ve now moved to a more aggressive market in Toronto where all that is about to change.  Of course working from home I have had many sessions directed with 5 or more clients on the call, and I’ve had my share of in persons, but if you haven’t had that experience it can be very intimidating.


I want to assure you that this is all normal and a necessary part of your growth.  As a film actor I’ve had plenty of experience with in-person so this is second nature, but I’m a people reader and when you can see the look on their face, you tend to read too far into it and it can play with your mind.  No matter how good you are at reading body language, try to throw that away in person.  We can build up a ton of anxiety in our minds and it may not even be valid.  I can’t tell you enough that your job is to be a puppet on a string, and you cannot – no matter how great you are – please everyone at all times.  In person auditions can be intimidating to many – but I encourage you to find the honour in being called in and look for a way to have fun in the room.  Even if you suck, if you’re looking like you’re having a great time, they will remember you, because you made their experience better too.  All you need to really be good at in person auditions and jobs is listening, reacting and having a great time.  Don’t play mind reader, just be a sponge and find the honor in being in the room to begin with.  Not everyone gets this opportunity and I will remind you yet again, you get paid to talk for a living.  Things could be so much worse.  Quit looking for everyone’s approval.  We are already insecure enough as it is – hence why we all found a home in this crazy industry.  Don’t add fuel to the fire.  It’s time for you to be proud of you – so that the rest of us can celebrate this with you.  Remember if you succeed in that room, you help them succeed too.  Nerves are transparent, so it’s time to get the experience you deserve and remove the nerves.


If you’re still finding it all too much, contact me and let me help you walk through this and find your confidence level so you can take on the world!


Until next time

All my best

VO Chef Deb

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