Hard Sell Souvlaki – The Aggressive Sell

Hard Sell Souvlaki – The Aggressive Sell

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One BIG announcement

One aggressive talent or broadcaster

One studio that can record LOUD volumes

One powerful read


If these ingredients are mixed up JUST RIGHT – this can be a very effective read.  This takes a combination of a good script and a really good, well-rounded performer.

BUY BUY BUY!  That’s all you heard in the 80’s.  Push you into buying furniture, stereo equipment, sporting goods, infomercials etc.  We still hear this read today, but it’s not usually done on a HIGH budget.  It’s rare you hear a high-end company using this style of character, but it’s common in the medium scale market.  Think of it this way, if you’re confident about what you’re selling, you don’t need to prove it to anyone and the hard sell read is usually very pushy.


While we don’t use the terms soft sell, hard sell, medium sell etc. anymore, the styles of reads are still heard today. SO instead of thinking of your deliveries in styles, start thinking of them in terms of characters.  Your hard sell characters are most commonly heard in men – but ladies, I’m living proof that you can do it too.  So this list is for both the men and the ladies – you just have to create more butchy characters.  Wrestlers, sports announcers, loud construction workers, truckers, rock stars (that’s one of my hard sell characters.  Joan Jett, or hard core biker kind of thing).


The key to a good hard sell is not just reading it hard sell, but actually meaning it because it’s the way you feel about it.  So if you’re yelling at me to buy a car, it’s because you’re an intense person, or you’re sick of me asking you for a ride.  You have to find realism in very unrealistic situations, because perhaps you don’t yell at people to buy a car, but this guy/girl DOES!  So quit judging and give in and find a way to take us on a journey as you do.


There is always a way to add the realism to the spot.  Knowing whether the clients wants it more old school or more realistic, is another matter entirely  – so give them both a try.  What could it hurt


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VO Chef Deb

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