Imaging Bake

Imaging Bake

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Imaging  Bake

One Radio Station

–       One Personality Genre

–       One Home Studio

–       One Creative Mind

–       A Ton of energy (or not)


Mixing is the best term we could use when it comes to Imaging.  That’s what it’s all about; creating the ultimate personality of the station (no matter what it’s genre) and mixing it with a ton of production and effects.

The only trouble with imaging, is that Radio as a whole, doesn’t pay like television, so the stations need you to be reliable, consistent in your sound and available, but for little pay compared to most Promo jobs (which is voicing for TV series and stations).

There is a ton of fun to be had in imaging.  You will voice disjointed lines that they will produce and disperse throughout the programming day.  In essence you become the Voice/Personality of the station.  Each Genre requires a different style of voice.  Radio Talent have a good home here, but understanding today’s emotional or acted delivery is very beneficial.
Many stations require youthful voices and this is where us sultry voices can usually always find a home.  Many of the more edgy stations take on a sultry or edgy sound.  There is also the ever-popular FLAT read, “You got JACK” laid back kind of read.  Then there is the old school broadcaster, the dumb blonde, the friendly professional, the biker etc.  There are many different genres when it comes to Imaging, but having a good energy – even on the softer ones – is imperative to a good imaging talent.
Letting go and trying on new things and outtakes is great for this industry, so being good at adlibbing is very helpful.  Many of the writers need just a little bit of spice to give a bit more flavor to their scripts, so follow what you see, but add your own flare.


Even though the pay can be smaller, you can benefit by getting several stations and having reoccurring work each month.  But keep in mind – radio stations change their format overnight sometimes and they change their voices just as quickly, however it’s not easy to just CHANGE the voice of a station, so timing is important when trying to break in.  The industry is saturated with talent wanting in.  Persistence and timing will open the door.


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