Voice Talent Fry – When it is time to throw in the towel.

Voice Talent Fry – When it is time to throw in the towel.

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In one medium sized mind combine the following:

A ton of financial investment

Several training sessions

Conflicting tools of the trade

More no’s than you know what to do with

The odd job or no job at all

Several confusing budgets

One home made demo eventually upgrading to an expensive version

One or more agents (or many who say no)

Home version studio (that you will have to consistently invest in)

Tons of research

Little to no drive or follow through

Tons of passion, dedication and determination

Several online sites who promise you work

Many subscriptions

More social media groups than you have time for

An unpredictable pay check from one week to the next


Once you’ve truly combined these ingredients, you wonder how this recipe will ever survive.  If you are smart and you invest in training and learning the craft, you’ll spend a lot of money and time trying to find where you belong, the right marketing materials and skill set, business skills and a method that will give you quick return.

If you are trying this on your own without any help, you will likely find all you can find on Youtube and Google hearing from experts tell you like it is and what to do.  The problem is implementing what you hear by directing yourself is usually a recipe that will fall.  It’s one thing to think you know what you’re doing, but once you really get in there and try and bring other peoples script to life, you’ll see this is much more work than one would expect.


It’s not enough to just invest time and finances and expect a full time wage, so when do you know this is NOT for you?  There is no magic formula to tell you exactly when to give up and I firmly believe that anyone who truly wants this can achieve it however it’s not an easy process and it comes with tons of tests along the way.   If you are solely dependent on this industry then it will prove to be even more difficult, but more than likely you have the drive to compete and NEVER give up.
I always say this, “How bad do you want this?  Do you want this as much as I do?  Then it’s time to invest, but make sure you know where you will shine and exactly how to do it!  Although it seems very expensive to invest in something you’re not positive about, it’s even more expensive to invest with little direction.  It’s so important you don’t rush this process.  Most people enter the industry and expect to see instant reward and pay checks within a year.  THIS IS NOT THAT KIDN OF INDUSTRY.  Can it happen? YES! But it’s rare.  It’s more realistic for you to dabble a bit first and then invest as you go.  Don’t put all your money into equipment when you don’t even know what you will be pursuing or if you’re talented enough to stand out.
You must take on this industry with patience.  Most of you want to give up after a year of investment – but that is why only a handful of people will make it.  They know how to stick with it, even when it seems discouraging.  Welcome to owning your own business and to the world of creative arts.


TRUST in a mentor or coach to help you succeed and find your path.  It’s expensive, but you will save money in the end.  Even if you learn that this ISN’T the right path for you – it’s still valuable lessons learned.  Hopefully your coach will get to know you enough and become a bit of a life coach for you so that they can help guide you into other directions or the right path to make this a reality.
Only give up if you aren’t passion about this industry, if you want to make a quick buck or if you want a STEADY paycheck that you can predict from one month to the next.  Otherwise – hang on for the ride like the rest of us.  Be proud, know what you’re worth and know EXACTLY what to do to make it happen.  FOLLOW THROUGH and love what you do –then you are in the right place.
I highly recommend an assessment session and anyone reading this article is entitled to $25.00 off a private session with me for assessment – I will help you find your place and give you a structured path to follow with assignments that will make a difference.


Stay strong, patient and KNOW WHAT YOU’RE Doing.  This is the college folks, it just works a little differently and has a different type of degree


Love what you do and it will pay you back
Until next time

All my best
VO Chef Deb

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