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Happy Holidays from VO Chef Deb

Posted by John in Articles

Happy Holidays!  I can’t believe how busy things have been and how much time has gone by.  I’ve had an incredibly crazy year this year so thought it was about time I updated you with a year in the life!  The opening of the year…

Client Etiquette

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Mix together in a studio of your choice – 1 talent (or more) – 1 script (or more) – 1 or more confused clients (preferably one) – 1 pencil – lots of water This recipe changes every time. Depending on the project at hand and…

Let’s Get Physical

Posted by John in Articles

No matter how long I have been in this industry, it never ceases to amaze me how little people truly know about how to have an effective performance. I can’t tell you how many students who have come my way that just stand stiff at…

Sweet Savory Sound – Making Sure Your Sound is Top Quality

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–       One mixer –       Microphone –       A quiet Computer –       Make shift or professional booth –       A house, closet or small space –       Acoustic treatment –       Good working cables   We are very blessed that for a small investment, anyone can instantly have a recording…

Vocal Health Hash

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In a human body combine the following ingredients: 1 Throat 1 Script (or more to taste) 1 Microphone 1 Studio Tossed gently around by the client, then whisked away until there is nothing left!   Protecting your vocal instrument is another crucial part of becoming…

Protecting Your Instrument

Posted by John in Videos

Clients don’t know when you might be damaging your instrument, so it’s imperative you know how to protect it. Once it’s damaged it’s hard to bring it back. Join me for this incredible half hour DebCast on how to Protect Your Voice Instrument. We will…