Organizing your business for the New Year

Organizing your business for the New Year

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Organizing Your Business for the New Year


If you’ve joined the ranks of the online voice actor, you’ve now started your own business.  No matter where you are in your career, your business needs are the same.  You’re now a company and that company can either be a well oiled machine that gets results or a disorganized mess that gets little in return.

Perhaps you’ve already set some business goals, but do you have what it takes to follow through?  It’s like setting your New Year’s resolutions and you mean them at the time, but implementing is where we are weak.


Organizing properly from the start and creating a schedule for yourself will help you accomplish your goals and set you in the right direction.  Lists are a great way to start.  Write down all your tasks each and every day and no matter how big that list gets, make it your daily goal to accomplish something on your list.  If you don’t follow through with your tasks or goals, then just add it to the next list, but don’t just throw it away because you haven’t accomplished it yet.


You will need to organize things like; clients you’ve auditioned for (The people who hire talent), clients you’ve worked with and when you worked with them, how much you were paid etc.  Invoicing, marketing, audio files (in case clients need re-reads later down the road or you have to voice match), agents or people you’ve been in touch with, future prospective decision makers etc.


Let’s face it, you’re now the accountant, the product, the executive, the secretary, the tech etc. for your business and there is a ton to keep track of.  In fact, I  did a webinar on this very thing at the end of last year and although we are now a little further along, the information and tactics are still tried and true. If you’re a drop-in diner or culinary club member you can listen to it here.


This is one thing you can’t ignore so let’s hope you’ve inherited natural business skills, and if you haven’t, reach out to one of us to help you keep your business on track. Remember what you give, is what you’ll get back.  How much are you willing to invest in you so that you can stand out on top?


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