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Personalized Training

Chanti Photo for websiteWhether you are a seasoned talent who needs to brush up your skills, a member of the site who wants some one on one time, or a beginner who just would like personalized training, Vo Chef Deb is here to help. Personalized one on one coaching sessions can be conducted via Skype, Telephone, or in-person for those in the greater Toronto area. Each session is 60 minutes in length and completely tailored to your needs and level of experience.

Sessions can be booked on an individual basis for $125, or in a package of six at a discount rate of $600.

Contact Deb now to set up a session.


VO Chef Deb will use her Voice Recipe to perfectly season your demo with just the right blend of ingredients to get you a savory, satisfying result! Whether it be Commercial, Narration, Promo, or Character work Chef Deb and her team are ready to cook up the perfect demo for you.

Listen to a few samples below in the Demo Delicatessen!