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Tidbits A Day In The Life of VO Chef Deb Join VO Chef Deb for “a day in the life” as she gives you front of the house seating for a smorgasboard of VO tidbits. You will learn: *Strategies to schedule your day *Tips to…

Family Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

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Family Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Happy Halloween! Once again it is my favorite time of the year.  This is the time where most of society are themselves!  They put on a costume and suddenly they have balls of steel.  People are so friendly at this time…

Taking Direction Debcast

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When Client Direction Tastes Nasty Here’s a Healthy Recipe to Serve Up Your Professionalism A happy client is a return client. Sometimes clients can give challenging direction, and it’s up to the VO talent to stand up for themselves and ask for clarification while understanding…

Get Real About Your Career

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Get Real About Your Career An Exclusive “Deb-rant” about Realistic Expectations for the Voiceover Artist –       What are you doing to get results –       How much time are you putting in –       You should always be working on your craft –       Stay educated (this means…

International Agents: Online Voices

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International Agents: Lotta & Charlotte from Online Voices You will learn: – Benefits to using an agent – How an agent stands up for you – Tips on international bookings – The state of the market – How to connect with your agent

Hidden Intentions Debcast

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In this Debcast, you will learn: – What does that mean – How it effects everything you do – Hidden emotions – Feeding the audience – Exercises – Script read examples – The words mean NOTHING – Sware is only as bad as it’s intention…