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The Commercial Industry Shake

The Commercial Industry Shake A Recipe on Versatility In a Changing VO Market   Combine together carefully in a well equipped studio company that needs to advertise creative advertising agency talent YouTube TV, Radio, Newspaper a changed market   Combining this mixture of ingredients usually…

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Radio vs Television

Radio Ravioli One good radio script Medium to high energy talent or announcer Sfx and music Studio   TV Taters Television Script Good Voice Actor Studio Music and Sfx   It may surprise you to know that each of these recipes requires different ingredients.  Every…

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Imaging Bake

Imaging  Bake One Radio Station –       One Personality Genre –       One Home Studio –       One Creative Mind –       A Ton of energy (or not)   Mixing is the best term we could use when it comes to Imaging.  That’s what it’s all about; creating the ultimate personality of the station (no…

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