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The Commercial Industry Shake

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The Commercial Industry Shake

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The Commercial Industry Shake

A Recipe on Versatility In a Changing VO Market


Combine together carefully in a well equipped studio

  • company that needs to advertise
  • creative advertising agency
  • talent
  • YouTube
  • TV, Radio, Newspaper
  • a changed market


Combining this mixture of ingredients usually results in a winning recipe, but in today’s market of TVO, PVR, Internet, and commercial free specialty channels, this recipe is not working the way it used to.


If you are a part of the commercial industry, then I suggest you read this article and stay ahead of what is happening. There are HUGE changes taking place and while most of you are fighting for legitimate rates, perhaps what you’re not aware of is that you will soon be fighting to work at all in the commercial industry, let alone get the rates we’ve been used to. Why? It’s because ALL companies are turning more and more to social media to spend their advertising dollar. Advertisers are investing in products and interactive shopping experiences and less on radio and television ads.

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