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Voice Acting is fast becoming a house hold name, but it’s also becoming a saturated training market.   With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to turn.  When you join VoiceActorTraining.Com you will have access to articles, podcasts, video casts, interviews, tips, tricks, industry secrets, perks and access to VO Chef Deb herself at your fingertips.  All backed by a full time, award winning talent, who knows exactly what the talent needs.
VO Chef Deb and her team have put together a comprehensive training website designed with the talent in mind.  Deb works hard to be the coach she would want.  Someone who gets straight to the point and tells it like it is, someone who doesn’t feel they own any secrets, cares about your results and isn’t out for your wallet, but rather to help you advance on your journey.
Her coaching methods and information have allowed her students to have successful careers and voice for companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Barbie, M&M’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, American Greetings, GORE Apparel, Big Fish Games, as well as numerous audiobooks, narrations, video games and more.
With her 24 year industry career which includes companies like Disney, Scotiabank, CMT, Gemini’s, Microsoft, Viceroy, Ford, Car Canada, and many others, her incredible connections, understanding of the industry, her interview skills and gift of the spoken/written word, the Voice Actor Training website will truly make an impact on your career.  
When you start your membership, VO Chef Deb’s recipes for success will answer some of the most common questions in the VO industry, saving you hundreds of dollars of training time.  In addition to the site, you can sign up for more personal training through Skype for one on one coaching lessons with Deb that will help you determine which area of the industry you should focus on.  You can work directly with Deb right through to your demo creation, branding, marketing and more.
Come have a look, listen to some samples and see what subscription base will suit your needs.  With constant updates, new interviews, articles and changes there will always be something new to learn.


Bonus video interviews and video casts will be posted to the members section on a regular basis.


Article Samples

 A Recipe for the Conversational Read – Sample

“Mix Together

One part you

Mixed with:

One part the clients mind

One script (hopefully written conversationally)

One studio

A ton of confusion

One realistic read


The problem with getting this recipe just right is making sure you’ve been given the right ingredients.  Not only do you need proper Voice/Acting training to perfect this recipe, but you have to read the clients mind through a ton of confusing direction.  The client may ask for conversational but when you hear the final spot, it’s far from conversational.

Pretending the client knows exactly what it means to sound conversational, there should be no fakeness or polish in the delivery.  The character sounds like it’s really happening to them in the moment.  There should be a sense of unpredictability in the delivery; intimacy, with natural human qualities and nuances.

When a talent truly nails this read, they can’t listen to what they are doing while they are doing it.  The term ‘get out of your head’ applies here.  The talent doesn’t even realize what they’re doing because instead of thinking about getting it right, they are just lost in the script.  This is easy enough to talk about, but takes time and training to actually implement and understand it.

Film acting really helped me see how fake I looked.  The term, “less is more” is so apparent in film.  It’s one thing to sound conversational when you’re adlibbing, but try to sound conversational with poorly written grammar.  Run on sentences.  Professionally written jargon etc.  There is an art to this one and good acting coaches will help you understand it. ”