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Tidbits A Day In The Life of VO Chef Deb Join VO Chef Deb for “a day in the life” as she gives you front of the house seating for a smorgasboard of VO tidbits. You will learn: *Strategies to schedule your day *Tips to…

End of Year Clean Up

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End of Year Clean Up It’s time to organize your year ahead by cleaning up at the end of this one. Suggested ingredients:   One computer Filing Folder/Cabinet Mail software program Business cards Post Card (optional) Organizing software programs Tax receipt program   This is…

Family Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

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Family Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Happy Halloween! Once again it is my favorite time of the year.  This is the time where most of society are themselves!  They put on a costume and suddenly they have balls of steel.  People are so friendly at this time…

The Commercial Industry Shake

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The Commercial Industry Shake A Recipe on Versatility In a Changing VO Market   Combine together carefully in a well equipped studio company that needs to advertise creative advertising agency talent YouTube TV, Radio, Newspaper a changed market   Combining this mixture of ingredients usually…

When Should You Call It Quits?

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When Should You Call It Quits?   What a title.  I must admit I debated the title of this article for some time.  I seem to have a very optimistic point of view to most things in life, and Voice Acting is no exception.  Many…

How to Read Numbers in a Script

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Number Nibbles   In a home studio combine: One talent One Client who has never voiced numbers before Another client who is fussy about number Usually little direction One stop watch   This recipe seems easy enough, but often taken for granted when it comes…

The Voice Quiz – Where do you fit?

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The Voice Quiz – Where do you fit?   Discover where you might be best suited in the Voice Acting Industry by taking this enlightening questionnaire.   Why are you interested in Voice Acting? (1 points) – I think this is an easy/fun way to…