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Tidbits A Day In The Life of VO Chef Deb Join VO Chef Deb for “a day in the life” as she gives you front of the house seating for a smorgasboard of VO tidbits. You will learn: *Strategies to schedule your day *Tips to…

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Get Real About Your Career

Get Real About Your Career An Exclusive “Deb-rant” about Realistic Expectations for the Voiceover Artist –       What are you doing to get results –       How much time are you putting in –       You should always be working on your craft –       Stay educated (this means…

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International Agents: Online Voices

International Agents: Lotta & Charlotte from Online Voices You will learn: – Benefits to using an agent – How an agent stands up for you – Tips on international bookings – The state of the market – How to connect with your agent

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Pay 2 Play Profiles

In this week’s DebCast, Deb discusses the world of Pay 2 Play, why you should be on those sites, and how to make a profile that appeals to potential clients.

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