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Character Arch Types

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In a large studio combine: – Several typical characters you see on today’s animations – A sprinkle of creatures and others – Spice it up with a flavor of accents – Bring in your unique history – Add your inner child who is not afraid…

Audiobook Appies

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Combine in one good quality studio – A ton of patience – 1 computer with lots of room – 1 Good editing program – Extremely good organization skills – 1 night of thorough research and proof reading – A full book to read through  …

Audiobook Stew

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1 Two Hundred plus paged book 1 Search Engine 1 Pencil 1 Day or more to proof read for pronunciations and comprehension As much time as you need to develop character catch phrases and personality. Record your novel in studio for a minimum of 3-4…

The Soft Bake – Voicing a soft sell

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For this recipe for success you will need:  One heartfelt, intimate message One realistic actor/broadcaster One Studio set up – with great quality One intimate read Once these ingredients are combined just right, the soft sell will come out with all it’s organic flavor and…

The Conversational Read

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Follow this recipe for a successful conversational read! One part you Mixed with: One part the clients mind One script (hopefully written conversationally) One studio A ton of confusion One realistic read The problem with getting this recipe just right is making sure you’ve been…

Organizing your business for the New Year

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Organizing Your Business for the New Year   If you’ve joined the ranks of the online voice actor, you’ve now started your own business.  No matter where you are in your career, your business needs are the same.  You’re now a company and that company…