The Soft Bake – Voicing a soft sell

The Soft Bake – Voicing a soft sell

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For this recipe for success you will need:
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  •  One heartfelt, intimate message
  • One realistic actor/broadcaster
  • One Studio set up – with great quality
  • One intimate read

Once these ingredients are combined just right, the soft sell will come out with all it’s organic flavor and get the results the clients need.

DebMany people they think of whispering or being quiet when they hear soft sell.  We don’t really hear clients use old school terms like Soft Sell, Medium Sell etc., and we don’t want you to think in the terms of sells, but let’s look at intimate reads and create our intimate characters.

The soft sell is usually a message where they want to either tear at your heart strings (like a Public Service Announcement (PSA)) or they just want to get intimate with you.  This can wear many hats of course as there are many different variations to this style of campaign.

This is usually where the actor will do well and the broadcaster will have a harder time.  Broadcasters and theatre performers are taught to project out.  So being intimate feels like they are doing nothing or it’s just not enough, so they will judge it as they are doing it.

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Anytime you are judging anything you are doing, you can’t truly be in character.  We actually have to let go and allow ourselves to feel intimate in that moment.  To TRULY mean what we are saying and lure people.  Sometimes it will need to be done without sexuality, while sometimes they may want it more sensual.  There is a difference between being cuddled and being sensual.  (Again the client may have many different interpretations of soft).

A great example of characters to create for soft sell are your delicate nurses, innocent people, niave people, strong whispery type sci fi character (delicate queen for the girls), soft spoken character.  They can still be confident – cause they are the experts, but they are more delicate in how they handle things.

There is much more to learn, but I hope this gives you a head start

Until next time

All my best,
VO Chef Deb
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