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Reading Between The Lines Part II

Posted by John in Articles

Reading Between the Lines – Part 2 What Does Copy Really Mean?   Mix one part direction One part Talent Choices One final sripts Add a ton of creativity and stereotypes Mix together until you have it all figured out   When there are so…

How to Brand You!

Posted by John in Articles

One of the most intriguing aspects of acting (whether voice or on-camera) is that you are selling YOU! It is very rare in a business that you are everything about the company; the product, the salesman, the foreman etc.. How you dissect and brand your…

International VO Cuisine

Posted by John in Articles

There is one common language in Voice Acting and that is usually English, but the beauty of each country is that all languages require Voice Actors.  So no matter where you live in the world, there is opportunity.  Those that speak more than one language…

Character Stew – Creating Savory Characters

Posted by John in Articles

  1 risk taking talent 1 clever imagination Add thousands of people that surround you 1 Audio Recording device (Iphone etc) and a home studio 1 Character Breakdown Sheet Ton of research 1 non-judgmental mind If you follow this recipe thoroughly, you will receive maximum…