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Tidbits A Day In The Life of VO Chef Deb Join VO Chef Deb for “a day in the life” as she gives you front of the house seating for a smorgasboard of VO tidbits. You will learn: *Strategies to schedule your day *Tips to…

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Working Around Obstacles

Working Around Obstacles (neighbor, noise, ambient sound, family, animals etc) Recording Studio that is NOT sound proof Great set of studio monitor headphones Job/Audition to be performed Calendar Recording Signs Good Organization and people skills

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Sound Equipment Entree

This recipe must start with the following ingredients: 1 Cardiod Microphone with Shock mount and optional desk top adaptor. 1 Mixer 1 Software Editing Program 1 XLR cable (25 feet or more) 1 XLR cable (6-10 feet for travel) 1 Pair of Studio monitor Headphones…

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