VO Workout Series – Pt. 1: E-Learning for ESL

VO Workout Series – Pt. 1: E-Learning for ESL

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Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and watch the pros at work?  Join VOChefDeb for the newest addition in her education toolbox – this one could change your entire career!

The DebCast Workout Video Series – the newest addition to the VoiceActorTraining.com vault.

Deb takes you behind scenes, right to her studio, no sales points, just scripts and hands on training working with current audition copy, jobs, directed sessions (with clients), editing techniques and so much more.

It’s time you got the nitty gritty….the good, the bad and always THE UGLY….so participate in your career as VOChef Deb puts her experience out there for all to see.  Taking you through every step, all in the comfort of your own home.  You can pause, rewind, heck you can even put her on snap chat, and learn your way to a better career!

Some of Series 1 Topics include:

– E-Learning Auditions for ESL Students – E-Learning Auditions on Pay 2 Play

– RARE OPPORTUNITY – Client Directed ReBrand Voice Session – Deb gets directed 

– Commercial Copy Workout

– Application Copy Workout

– Video Game Audition Workout

– Creating Characters Workout

– Improv Workout

– Vocal Exercise Workout

and so much more

DebCast Video Workout Series – E-Learning Auditions for ESL Students

Join VOChef Deb as she takes you step by step through an Online Audition.  Discover all her techniques as she completely breaks down the E-Learning audition catered to ESL students learning to read!  There is a very specific type of read needed for these kinds of projects.  See if you have what it takes.


Pay 2 Play

– E-learning for ESL Students vs regular learning modules

– Big Budget may not be as big as it seems

– Low Budget Typical hourly rates

– How to calculate finished time to calculate rates

– Knowing which audition is meant for you

– Should you audition when there are many talent already submitted

– Auditioning when client wants both Male and Female

– Dissecting the clients personality through their specs/audition

– Reading off the cuff

– Should you voice more than one take in an audition?

– Changing your voice/physicality’s to suit the character

– Clarity and pacing for learning material

– VOChefDeb voices 5 different reads on one script to watch and learn from

– Watch Deb Get Physical with her auditions

– Tips for final submission

– Watermarking

– Should you voice clients name

– Slating your name

and so much more!

Episode One: E-Learning for ESL below:

Remember the rules of pronoun agreement.  If the noun in the sentence is singular, then the pronoun is also singular.  If the noun of the sentence is plural, then the pronoun is also plural. 


Now lets look at the reading passage again.  The book that “Alice” was reading into had no ‘pictures or conversations.’  The book is a singular noun therefore the pronoun should be singular.  As we read on, we come across the pronoun they which is plural.  This sentence does not follow the rules of pronoun agreement.  In order for the pronoun to agree with the noun ‘the book’, the pronoun must be singular.  Therefore the correct pronoun would be ‘it’!

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