Get Real About Your Career

Get Real About Your Career

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Get Real About Your Career

An Exclusive “Deb-rant” about Realistic Expectations for the Voiceover Artist

–       What are you doing to get results

–       How much time are you putting in

–       You should always be working on your craft

–       Stay educated (this means more than coaching)

–       Where do you fit in the industry

–       Be realistic of your expectations

–       How to keep studying and maintaining your business

–       Know your strengths and weaknesses

–       Don’t spread yourself too thin

–       Study media suited to your genres

–       Ask for help if you don’t know

–       Don’t let your excuses stand in your way

–       Prove you are worthy of what you are pursuing

–       Know how to assess yourself

–       Tips: “what you need to do to succeed instead of making excuses”

–       Do you want this as bad as I do?


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