Voice Styles and where they fit

Voice Styles and where they fit

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– Voice talent with their own unique style

– The right agent to suit your abilities

– Home studio or in person studio

– Genres you suit

– Demo to sample your expertise in that particular style

– A ton of homework and research

Combine with really good training and you will find your home.

Many people want to voice, but don’t really understand what they have to offer that is unique and where that fits in.  Its important that you learn what your strengths and style is so you can find your home.  A voice talent that dabbles into many genres is not usually able to focus on their strengths and this may affect their success.

Start with one style at a time and then find out where that fits into the industry.  Always start with the real you.  Are you funny, dry, strident, bold, outgoing, shy, sarcastic, serious and so on?  In fact do you even know who you are so you can sell yourself to the rest of the world?  This is the most important first step in finding where you might fit in best.  Were you broadcast trained?  Then commercials, imaging/promos and narrations might be the best place to start.  Perhaps you are more theatre trained?  Then character work such as animations, video games, audiobooks and talking toys might be a better option.  Perhaps you are a film actor?  This is usually someone who can enter the world of commercials and possibly character work as a first step.

Each of us are unique and there are many genres to find a home in.  You are better off to find one genre first, then succeed that genre by obtaining a significant amount of work and then pursue another genre that suits your style(s).  You can make a career in any one genre.  Message on hold, Transportation, e-learning, medical, trailers and so on.

If you have no training at all, then it’s important first of all to work with someone who can help you find your unique you and find a home to make it fit.  Many coaches specialize in various genres.  Some of us specialize in many.  Look for mentors who are experts in the fields they teach.  That have proven track records, demos showcasing the talent they’ve trained and trainers who get talent working and are connected.


There are so many ways to pursue the genre you are interested in.  Agents of course, Ad Agencies, Studios, Casting Companies, Pay 2 Play sites, and good old GOOGLE.  Don’t wait for the industry to find you.  Go out of your way and do your homework to find out how to get connected with those you need to know.  You will find your way in.  Just stay dedicated and don’t take no as in “Never”, it just means “not right now” so keep track of those that you pitch as they may eventually say “yes” and think out of the box.  The obvious choices are already saturated, so it’s time you took your career in your own hands.

If you need help finding out your unique style/personality, this is where I shine.  ONE OF MY STYLES is character branding and personality reading, so this is one of my specific specialties.  I can tell you a lot just by you saying the word hello, and 98% of the time I’m accurate, so give one of my personality branding sessions a test drive to see where you might fit in.


Until next time everyone
All my best
VO Chef Deb

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