The Voice Biz Handbook :: The Business of Voiceover

The Voice Biz Handbook :: The Business of Voiceover


The Voice Biz Handbook All about the business of voiceover and voice acting and is your recipe for success in the world of Voice.  Created by Deb Munro and drawing upon her 20 plus years of experience as a working voice actor and coach in the non-union industry.  This E-book in PDF Format will help lay all of the groundwork you’ll need to start your own business as a freelance voice talent.   Everything you need to know to begin your VO business is here. This new Fourth Edition has been completely updated with the latest information on industry trends, plus links to resources that will get you going and keep you working. You’ll be able to use this handbook as a convenient reference source over and over for years.


The topics we’ll cover include:


  • Creating your business
  • Marketing
  • Why you need to have a demo
  • Who to use for producing your demo
  • What to include in your demo
  • How to submit your demo and where to send it
  • The essentials of home studios
  • Selecting the right equipment
  • How to choose your microphone
  • Startup costs and how to save money
  • Everything you need to know about agents
  • Unions
  • Rates: How to value your services without giving them away
  • Links and references to help you find work
  • Educational opportunities
  • Resources for launching your career
  • And more …
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