What Kind of Talent Are You for Your Clients

What Kind of Talent Are You for Your Clients

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What Kind of Talent Are You for Your Clients – take this short quiz


Have you ever considered what kind of talent you are for your clients?  Or do you only concern yourself with what kind of clients you get?  I wonder if you have ever considered that you are also a client? Let’s face it, in this business you are everything; you’re the accountant, the product, the production and the talent.  One thing I understand is business and what I need to do to make my business grow.  I’m sure you’ve heard that much of this business is built on relationships and it’s true, so what kind of impression or relationship are you leaving behind with those you connect with?

Let’s take this short little quiz and see where you fit.  Rate your answers with a number between 1 and 5.

0 – Not at all or Not applicable

1 – Rarely

2 – Occasionally

3 – Sometimes but not enough

4 – Often

5 – Always


Circle the answer that suits you best.


  1. I am a voice talent                                                                              0   1    2    3   4    5
  2. Stay in regular contact with clients/potential clients/agents   0   1    2    3   4    5
  3. I know how to stay in touch with clients/agents/my team       0   1    2    3   4    5
  4. I am always in a good mood with clients                                      0   1    2    3   4    5
  5. I don’t let the clients know if I get frustrated                               0   1    2    3   4    5
  6. I speak my mind freely with clients.                                               0   1    2    3   4    5
  7. I go above and beyond for my clients                                             0   1    2    3   4    5
  8. I am always reliable                                                                           0   1    2    3   4    5
  9. I always accommodate                                                                      0   1    2    3   4    5
  10. My clients are always satisfied with my work                               0   1    2    3   4    5
  11. I show clients that I appreciate them                                              0   1    2    3   4    5
  12. I genuinely care about my clients                                                    0   1    2    3   4    5



Now total your scores:

If you scored 0 – 20

At least you’ve got a start in the right direction.  If you are newer to the industry this is an understandable score and as you grow you will be able to score higher in this kind of quiz.  However even though you are new, you still want to strive to rank high when it comes to communication with your client/team.  Although taken for granted, the client is the most important consideration in anything we do.  We must learn to care about the clients and their projects as much as they do.  They are paying the bills.  If you aren’t new to the industry and you are scoring in this range, I strongly encourage you to take more consideration for the client.  Not all clients are created equal and you need to learn how to handle clients, how to please the client, stay in touch with purpose and make sure you are top of mind.  We must not allow them to take advantage of us, but we also need to understand that we are just a small piece of the pie. The clients have much bigger stresses and expenses to deal with above and beyond the talent, so allow them to follow their passion – even if they don’t know what they’re doing, and just enjoy the ride!


If you scored 21 – 40

You are on the right path to effective client/agent/team relationships.  You understand and grasp the need to stay in touch with your clients and potential clients whether you are new to the industry or not.  You have an understanding of how to value the client, however you can still afford to increase your score here.  If you are newer, this is a great score, and as you grow this score will keep increasing.   If you’ve been doing this for a while it might be time to increase your game.  It’s really important in this industry that we don’t get complacent. or forget the value of the client.  It’s like relationships; we start off with full gusto and work to impress, then we get comfortable and fall into complacency.  Clients get bored and projects get saturated and before you know it, you get replaced.  It’s so important we stay fresh and current and top of mind with past/current clients, potential clients, agents, production companies and anyone that has the potential to help us grow.  Keep up the good work and see how creative you can be to increase those numbers.



If you scored 41 – 60

You truly understand the concept of client/team relationships for your business.  This is a great score and solidifies that you are on the right path.  If you are newer to the industry, this is an incredible score and this will only bring you success.  If you are a veteran or been at this for a bit, it’s great to see that you truly care about your business and understand the need for creating solid and memorable relationships to help accelerate your growth and continued success.  You seem to put the client first and know exactly what to do.   You have a business mind that will prove results.  Clients/Decision Makers are one of the most important aspects of what we do and often taken for granted.  Knowing how to handle them in tough situations, knowing that you need to stay in touch with them regularly with purpose and creativity, Knowing that you have to always be thinking ahead for the next opportunity is how to succeed.  You are on the right path to success.  Congratulations.  (What are you doing even taking the quiz then LOL –  JUST KIDDING – now get out there and keep making it work).

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