The Great Debate – Mac vs PC

The Great Debate – Mac vs PC

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One modern PC computer (with a great sound card and large hard drive)

One Modern Mac (with a great sound card and a large hard drive)

1 Terabyte or higher external hard drive


This is a recipe that is constantly under debate, but in the industry of media, usually Mac wins, but why?  Whatever computer you choose to work with will work, unless it’s from the dinosaur ages (5 years or older) or doesn’t have a good sound card, but there are benefits and draw backs to both. I’m going to do my best to shed some light into the situation so you can make the best decision that will work for you.


My understanding is that the reason Mac is more pursued in the media industry than PC is that Mac has less compatibility issues and viruses.  I call PC’s – Personal Complications and I have now given Mac the nick name – Money Accumulating Computer.  If you’ve ever owned a PC I’m sure you’ve seen the warning – Missing DLL’s or something to that affect.  The reason that PC tends to get these kinds of error messages more than Mac is because Mac is built as a proprietary system.  Meaning that anything that is created for Mac is created or approved through Mac, therefore compatibility with programs is usually pretty sound.  Where as PC seems to have programs that are built by whomever wants to build it and this is seemingly why we have compatibility issues.
Keep in mind however, if you own a PC and ALWAYS purchase all your programs and avoid un-trusted downloads etc., you will see much less viruses and compatibility issues with your PC.  Also keeping your work computer away from the kids and teens is another way to protect yourself from multiple viruses and errors.


With Mac, you are pretty much forced to pay for all your programs. PC wants you to as well – but it’s easier to torrent programs for PC than for MAC.  Because everything is built specifically by Mac Designates and approved by Mac it allows your computer to run more reliably over time.    The negative to Mac however is expense.  Not only are the computers two to three times more money to purchase – Mac tends to nickel and dime you with software you must purchase to allow your computer to create things like MP3’s, watch certain formats of videos etc.  These cost $20-$30, but there is a few you may have to purchase.  So there is a lot more expense.  Also there aren’t as many programs for Mac as there are for PC so you are a bit more limited but that is getting better all the time.


Usually when you buy a PC it comes with a bit more software programs than Mac.  Mac comes with very standard programming, so you will find that you will have to purchase many common programs found typically with windows.   You also have to make sure that when you buy programs for your computer that they are compatible for your type of computer.


PC has completely changed their interface around now with Windows 8 and higher.  I am not a fan at all of the new system, but that’s because I am very much used to the old windows interface.  You can actually download or purchase programs that allow you to turn your modern PC interface to the old style of Windows – so this is an option for you.  The newer windows model is fine once you get used to it and if you are young enough that you don’t know any different, even better.   Modern windows tend to follow the APP look; much of it based on touch screen and picture images.   You just have to take some time to play around with it to figure out where everything is.


Mac is much the same if you are used to a PC.  At first you won’t know where anything is, but once you learn how to use the main interface – it’s easy.  You just really have to stay organized.


No matter which way you go, the sound card in your computer is very important.  Anything built in the last few years usually has a great sound card.  Anything older, you could end up with serious sound issues if you don’t have a good sound card.  So modern is best.


The other thing to consider is that audio files are HUGE.  They take up a ton of room on your computer – as does video.  It’s very important that you keep the room free and clear on your main hard drive.  I don’t like to delete files – especially jobs – as I might need to reference them down the line – sometimes years later – so I keep pretty much everything.  I keep it organized, but I am a digital hoarder, which means my computer is full MONTHLY.  So I highly recommend an external drive (1 terrabyte or higher) so that you can either record directly onto the external drive or so that you can move your files over from time to time.


No matter what computer you use, if your computer is full, it will NOT function properly – so it’s very important you stay on top of your organization inside your computer.


So there you have it, the skinny as I know it.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.  Send me an email and I will do my best to help you.  I can even offer tutorials on whichever system you choose.  Also have a listen to my VO Chef DebCast on ‘Keeping Organized”.
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