Pronunciation Potluck “Debinar” April 13

Pronunciation Potluck “Debinar” April 13


Pronunciation Potluck Speaking a Universal Language – Why pronunciations matter – Finding the RIGHT dialect – Words that have more than one dialect – Most common mis-pronounced words – Grammar – How to find Pronunciations easily – Phonetic spelling – Finding words that are hard to find – Vocal Patterns – How to handle foreign words/copy – Planning ahead and much more

Join VO Chef Deb as she cooks up another Debinar Entree of Education.  As a voice talent, pronunciation becomes a major part of your business.  This is a Global industry that requires constant learning.  Translation and international dialect are becoming a huge part of what we do.  Learn through Debs 25 plus years of experience with practical tips that will get you results that will impress the clients and make your job that much easier!

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Pronunciation Potluck


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