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Happy Holidays from VO Chef Deb

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Happy Holidays!  I can’t believe how busy things have been and how much time has gone by.  I’ve had an incredibly crazy year this year so thought it was about time I updated you with a year in the life!  The opening of the year…

Client Etiquette

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Mix together in a studio of your choice – 1 talent (or more) – 1 script (or more) – 1 or more confused clients (preferably one) – 1 pencil – lots of water This recipe changes every time. Depending on the project at hand and…

Let’s Get Physical

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No matter how long I have been in this industry, it never ceases to amaze me how little people truly know about how to have an effective performance. I can’t tell you how many students who have come my way that just stand stiff at…

Sweet Savory Sound – Making Sure Your Sound is Top Quality

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–       One mixer –       Microphone –       A quiet Computer –       Make shift or professional booth –       A house, closet or small space –       Acoustic treatment –       Good working cables   We are very blessed that for a small investment, anyone can instantly have a recording…

Vocal Health Hash

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In a human body combine the following ingredients: 1 Throat 1 Script (or more to taste) 1 Microphone 1 Studio Tossed gently around by the client, then whisked away until there is nothing left!   Protecting your vocal instrument is another crucial part of becoming…